Saturday, 24 September 2011

Sugar Paste Flowers

I would consider myself quite a tomboy and not prone to 'girly' sentimentality but I cannot but swoon at anything remotely wedding-cake-like and these flowers fit the romantic bill. They add a touch of professional baker to any cake - they look so intricate and delicate. In fact they are quite easy to make if a bit fiddly. I tried to tackle them after my aqua aerobics on Thursday evening. I think the family were a little worried about my sanity as I almost fell asleep into a puddle of red food colouring but they do need two days to dry out so I had no time to lose!

1. Tint a small ball of ready-to-roll icing. It is easier to work with in smaller portions. To tint, use a cocktail stick to add strands of colour to the ready to roll icing in small portions. Add the colour slowly until you reach the desired colour. Knead the icing well after every addition to evenly distribute the icing. If the icing gets too sticky knead in some cornflour.

2. Roll out a sheet of clingfilm and pull off little balls of the icing and place on the film. Put another layer of clingfilm over the first and using your thumb, squash the balls until petal shape and quite thin.

3. Rub the first petal into a curl to make the centre of the rose. Gently mould the petal shapes around that centre curl, adding the outer layers slowly until you are happy with the size of the rose.

4. Allow to dry for 2 days until hard.

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