Monday, 26 September 2011

Eco Friendly Kitsch Cook III- Cooking in Excess

Cooking in excess is environmentally friendly for a number of reasons. Firstly, you use only a little more energy cooking a large amount than a small amount. So it takes less energy to cook 10 chicken breasts one day than it would to cook 5 chicken breasts one day and 5 the next.  Secondly you are using less washing up liquid, water and energy cleaning because you are using only one set of utensils. Cooking in excess is also the perfect option for a lazy cook!  There is nothing more satisfying than coming in from work/study/the cold etc and pulling out a delicious dinner from the freezer. Fast food at its finest - homemade and healthy! 

Meals that freeze well
Meat in sauces freezes well- Curries, Bolognese, Stews, chilli con carne, lasange and Casseroles. 
Soups and sauces of all kinds. 
Uncooked Pastry and cookie dough, baked scones, bread (wrap carefully to avoid freezer burn), cakes.
Burgers, marinated meats, seafood, 
Grated ginger/chopped chilli/lemongrass. 

Meals that don't freeze well 
Most foods with dairy content, except butter, won't freeze well. Cream, custard, mayonnaise. 
Fruit and vegetables generally lose their shape and texture (although this can be fine if you are intending on stewing the fruit)
Foods containing gelatine. 
Rice, potatoes. 

Cuttings of meat and veg can also be stored in the fridge. Its probably best to use within a day or two. 

Tips for Successful Freezing
1. Defrost your freezer regularly so it will be at its most effective.

2. Freeze in small portions so that you can defrost only what you need.

3. A neat idea is to chop up meat, place on a baking sheet, spread out and freeze. When the cubes are frozen you can then throw them into a freezer bag. The cubes won't stick together and you can take out only what you need.  

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