Monday, 19 September 2011

The Eco Friendly Kitsch Cook Post II

Each week I try to incorporate some eco-friendly ideas into my kitchen.

Since last week I have invested in a set of plastic containers from Aldi - success! Well.... I just have to remember to use them. But baby steps and all that.

This week I'm aiming to:

Cut down on using kitchen towel. According to Friends of the Earth, paper accounts for one quarter of household waste.
- Instead of reaching automatically for the kitchen paper when you spill a drop of milk, think about whether you really need to use kitchen paper. Can you use a washable cloth instead? In most cases you can. Perhaps you might need to use disposable paper towels if for example the spillage is really sticky or will make your work cloth smelly but these occasions are pretty rare.
- We are all over-inclined to grab a huge wad of paper to clean up a small spillage. Think about using one or two squares at a time. If out of habit you grab four or five squares to clean your hob, think about getting the most out of the paper by stashing it in a jar under the sink and using it for spillages where food-safety is not an issue, e.g. cleaning something off the floor.
- Cut up old and battered t-shirts and keep strips under the sink to use instead of kitchen paper.
- Buy kitchen paper that is made from recycled or bio-degradable paper.
- Use scrunched up newspaper instead to clean glass and mirrors- it works just as well as kitchen paper and doesn't leave lint residue.

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