Friday, 21 December 2012

Stained Glass Cookies

Dear Luas Passengers,

I am sorry I'm such a messy fellow passenger. I'm no ballerina and by that I mean that I have no balancing ability. Unless I have a good grip I will fall on you/step on your feet. You know this. And yes I do drink weird green stuff out of a takeaway coffee mug. Its a smoothie and there is cabbage in there. I feel I have probably completely lost your respect now... I'm sorry I have so many small bags. I could put them all in one big bag yes but that would involve owning a big bag. And you know I like to rummage. I'm a rummage-r. I'm only double checking for my phone, oh and my keys.... oh and for snacks  I threw in a few days ago. Mostly for snacks.

I want to make you some of these cookies. They taste good and they look so cute! I think you might only think I'm weirder than you currently do if I started randomly handing out cookies.... More for me.

I followed this Martha Stewart Recipe. Here are some tips:
- Don't overfill the candy but it won't spread very much so fill it in every corner, you don't want holes.
- Use a large egg or the recipe will be too dry.
- Refrigerate twice- once after making and then when the cookies are rolled.
- Make a hole for the ribbon and put a skewer through as soon as they come out of the oven as they are still soft.
- Allow to cool completely before moving.