Monday, 3 December 2012

Quick White Chocolate Cake Pops

The Late Late Toy Show is an Irish institution. It holds a place in the Irish psyche, a comforting prequel to the season itself. It is hard to explain to people who are unfamiliar with it. I mean can you imagine Jay Leno or Graham Norton dedicating a full show to performing kids and showing off toys and books? Adults and children alike stay up eagerly in anticipation of ridiculously talented children dancing and singing, 'kids say the darnest things' moments and a guaranteed fuzzy heart warming feeling. Some people take it more seriously than others, including the two "children" I live with who insisted on dressing up in their Christmas jumpers (Santa Claus and an Elf). They are in their twenties. But the maturity of Irish men is in my experience a mathematical equation of true age minus ten years...

Anyway I got home from work at 8pm and just was not feeling starting a baking expedition but also recognising that the Toy Show required goodies. I spied a battenberg which someone had brought over. I never eat shop bought cake but didn't want to see it go to waste so I pulled out some white chocolate, sprinkles and these new cake pops I bought a couple of weeks ago. I melted the chocolate, crumbled the cake and threw both into a bowl. After mixing well I rolled it into balls, then let them dry before inserting the pop sticks and dipping them in more melted chocolate and rolling in sprinkles.  If you want a recipe Rachel Allen has one here, I just played it by ear adding more chocolate slowly... A quick fix for that tingling sweet tooth!


  1. oh i love the idea of the battenberg cake :)

  2. I've never made battenberg but I know you're a big marzipan fan!