Thursday, 13 December 2012

Joy the Baker Cookbook and Christmas Marshmallow

There are so many great blogs out there, especially foodie blogs. The photographs are stunning, the recipes beautiful, they are full of new ideas that you are just dying to try out. But there are only a few blogs where you begin to feel that you know the person behind it all, where their personality is half the reason that you happily click the link in your emails. Joy Wilson is definitely one of those bloggers. Her blog has won tons of awards and thousands of followers. She writes in a way that makes you wish she was your best friend, wish that you could pop around to her house and drown your bad day in salted caramel and peanut butter.

But what about her book? It has Joy the Baker written all over it- the same humorous girl-next-door style, filled with touching family anecdotes and stellar recipes. I've made a few already and am very impressed. The banana coconut cream pie is like a dream on a Caribbean beach. The kale and spinach smoothie has changed the way I breakfast. Banana and pumpkin feature strongly and comfort is a big theme. If you are a breakfast person, you'll find a whole chapter of lazy morning options. There are some weird ones in there, parmesan seaweed popcorn and zucchini pound cake but joy knows what she's doing. The recipes are not complex, most can be whipped up quickly with great results. in sum: a great baking cookbook.  

Marshmallow recipe to follow!

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