Monday, 21 May 2012

PME Butterfly Cutter Giveaway!

One's bank balance can suffer significantly from a love of baking paraphernalia... I could spend hours in kitchen shops picking out cutters and sprays, glitters and stencils. One of the perks of the blog is that people who weren't quite aware of the depth of my obsession with baking are now happy to buy me baking stuff at Christmas and birthdays. And I love it! I love the thrill of a new toy to play with and experiment with. Anyway getting back to the point at hand I have realised that I have two sets of these butterfly cutters, one pack I bought myself and the other I got as a present and I thought I should give a chance to fellow bloggers to blag themselves a set!

To enter:
A. You must 'follow me'- click 'join this site' or 'follow by email'
B. Leave me a comment on your favourite cupcake flavour.

I will pick a few of my favourite and then pick the winner at random from that group! I'll contact you via your profile that will be made available to me when you follow me.

Thanks and Good Luck!!!

Closing date is 11th June! xx


  1. Oh my god are you so right about baking obsessions breaking the bank. I swear every time I'm in a baking shop I see a million things and I'm like...'ooh I could do with that, ooooh I could definitely do with that!'. It drives me crazy and empties my pockets haha. Oh well, all for a worthy cause.

    You could definitely save me on those butterfly cutters though ;) I'd love to have them! I of course, am already following you and I have to say that my favourite cupcake flavour is Rainbow with a good Cream Cheese frosting. It's just a simple vanilla cupcake but for some reason (perhaps a psychological one...) it just tastes so much better than one...and looks even better than that!!

    Safia :) x
    From Cupcakes, With Love x

  2. Love your blog Deirdre!

    Especially love the red velvet cupcakes, sooo lush x