Saturday, 7 April 2012

Easter Cupcakes

Easter is a funny holiday. You have that blood and gore Christian imagery, being force-fed vinegar and general bad-time-crucifixion. Then juxtaposed beside it you have pictures of baby chicks, fluffy rabbits and springing lambs. Needless to say I've gone with the latter to decorate cupcakes. Not that the passion of the Christ in sugar paste wouldn't be just as delicious I just think the sculpting might be a bit beyond me... I'll leave that to Michaelangelo and the likes...


  1. that sheep cupcake is genius!! i think we have the same cupcake stand too ;)

    follow back! :) x

  2. Thanks Safia! We should guest post each other sometime! Very jealous you live in London- home of the Primrose Bakery!!