Friday, 26 October 2012

Fondant Fancies

I don't feel fancy at all. I've fondant glued to my glasses like welded cement. I think I know how they make industrial strength adhesive and it involves lots of sugar paste. I'm pretty in pink. But not when its on my face...

I did wonder when fondant fancies were the final technical challenge in the Great British Bake Off what all the fuss was about. I mean they are sponge covered in icing right? Seemed a bit of a mediocre challenge for the three finalists considering what they faced in previous challenges. But oh boy did fondant fancies take my naivety and whip my ass with it. There is nothing technically challenging about fondant fancies, they are just so messy and fiddly. Cutting the sponge into identical squares is tricky and the fondant dipping session requires patience. Its not a glamorous job.

Getting square paper cases for the fondants is a great idea because it covers the sides which can be lumpy and unsightly unless the buttercream underneath is perfectly smooth. Don't cut out the freezer time, it will firm up the cake and avoid it crumbling in your fingers.

I used Mary Berry's Fondant Fancies recipe, pretty much to the letter except I used my own buttercream recipe:

75g butter softened
200g icing sugar sifted
2 tbsp milk

Here are 10 tips I found on the great maisoncupcake blog for doing fondant fancies although to be honest it all goes out the window and you find your own rhythm with dipping -


  1. Hahaha I love reading your blog updates Deirdre...they are always full of humour.
    Your fondants look very fancy indeed, considering...;)

  2. Thanks Patricia! Hope you had a nice holiday! Looking forward to French baking soon!