Sunday, 11 December 2011

Penguins on shortbread!

If you are looking for some seriously beautiful edibles, check out What this girl cannot do with a cookie! I've spent hours just pooching around the site, ooh-ing and ah-ing at pages of emaculate icing and unbelievable piping skills.

I sadly recognise that this is a standard that I will never reach. I'm rubbish at art. After years in school I've conquered the stick man and the two-up-two-down house.  But the site is just so adorable and cute (check out the Hello Kitty cookies!) that I had to give fancy cookie decorating a bit of a go. I wanted to add more detail to these but I just didn't get a chance.

I watched David Attenborough's Frozen Planet a few weeks ago where they went into the water and filmed penguins shooting up out of the water and bellyflopping onto the ice, their speed underwater leaving vapour trails like airplanes in the sky. They were unperturbed by the camera man and seemed almost to be reveling in the attention. So I decided to celebrate the penguin in a cookie!! The red background gives the cookies a Christmas-y vibe.

For the cookie base I used the shortbread recipe in my strawberry shortcake post. I find sugar cookies so tasteless and hard, even if you try to liven them up by adding essence/zest. This shortbread is easy to make and roll and is crumbly and buttery.

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